Vintage Levi's Patched Jacket
Vintage Levi's Patched Jacket
Vintage Levi's Patched Jacket

Vintage Levi's Patched Jacket

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>Our Hand sewn patched jackets are truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Hours have been invested into making this vintage creation, a modern must have!

> Jackets are Unisex. We approximate the sizes to be that of modern sizing, because the size on the jacket is vintage sizing, and no longer relevant to today's sizing. 

               Women’s Size: Large          Men’s Size: Medium

>Made in USA: 1980s-90s

>This patched jacket is not distressed neither in the front, back, nor sleeves. We have hand distressed the neck to give it an edgy frayed look that takes it to another level. Patches have been selectively sewn throughout the jacket in areas in which will best enhance the overall look. 

>Color: Vintage Light blue with accents of medium blue throughout the jacket as pictured. Truly a vintage color that cannot be found anywhere except here!

>Measurements: All taken in Inches 

Sleeve: 25"     Chest: 21.5"    Length: 24"     Shoulders: 19"


*Style Tip: Vintage Jackets are often styled to fit like a loose-fitting jacket, so if the size is a little bigger then you are, consider getting to wear it, so it may give you a loose fit, because it looks really cool oversized!