Frequently Asked Questions 

 We recommend you look at these questions we get asked frequently, before you make any purchases!

1. How do you measure your jeans and shorts? 

        - Since all our jeans and shorts are vintage, the sizing of these items is very different than new clothes that has a lot of stretch. We tape measure each item in the waist, hips, and rise. For jeans, we measure the inseam as well. We recommend that you measure your own waist, etc. so that you have a much more accurate size. If you don't measure yourself, we recommend you go up 2 sizes up from your normal size. DO NOT measure yourself and then go up another 2 sizes, do only one. We have attached an image below to show you how we measure our shorts and jeans.

2. Are your clothes already clean? 

      -We take great pride to tell you that all our vintage has been completely clean. we make sure that you get it in almost brand new condition. We have a long process to cleaning and restoring all our jeans, shorts, and jackets, so rest assured you can wear it right when you get it.

3. Are jackets unisex? 

      - We believe our vintage jackets look amazing on everybody! If the size on the jacket is really small, then it may not fit a male physique, but other than that, it's all fair game. Remember loose fitting vintage jackets are the most comfortable and fashionable clothing you can wear!

4. Is shipping paid for by the customer? 

     - Yes, for now, the customer will pay for the shipping costs of their items. There is a standard shipping cost for all orders within the US. For International orders customers will also pay for customs and tariffs that their country may have. We thank you for your understanding, once you get your custom creation, we know that it will all be worth it, trust us!

5. When will you ship my items?

     - We usually send your items the following day after you purchase them. If your purchase was made after 8:00p.m. PST, then we will send it, not the next day, but the following day after that. No more than two days will pass from your initial purchase, that we will send it. 

6. Are there any returns or exchanges? 

    - No, unfortunately we do not accept returns or exchanges for items purchased. We do our best to make sure to give you accurate measurements and descriptions of everything. So, please make sure to read everything before purchasing. We have special case by case exchanges.

7. Do you ship internationally?

    -Yes we ship worldwide. 

Update: Shipping to the UK has been stopped until further notice. 

Note: when we ship orders and yours has been delivered to its destination according to the shipping carrier, we are no longer responsible and we recommend that you reach out to the the shipping carrier for any more information regarding the status of your order. 

Note: if the shipping carrier marks your package as lost we are not responsible. Please reach out to the shipping carrier first before reaching out to us, we are not able to help find packages like the shipping carrier