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W32 550 Vintage Levi's Short

W32 550 Vintage Levi's Short

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> 550 Style: The 550 style is known to be popular with our curvier, modern girl that has a bit of hips/thigh. The waist is usually smaller that the hips/thighs, so if you recognize this to be your body type, the 550s might be for you!

>This pair in particular, is perfect for people with a really big butt

>Color: Light-medium Blue wash 

>This is a plain pair, with little to no distressing. Perfect for everyday use. 

>V-cut shape

>Measurements: All taken in Inches.

Waist: 32”   Rise: 12"   Hips:21.5 (43)

*Please make sure to take you measurements before purchasing anything, because vintage sizing is not the same as modern clothing sizes. People typically go up 2-3 sizes from their normal size, so double check. 


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